Sunday, March 27, 2005

Stellars at Race Rocks

enlarge photo

(below was originally written on Sunday March 20)

Today was 5 Star's first run of the year and man what a run it was. Started out pretty normal but after seeing a few sea lions and elephant seals at Race Rocks we headed towards Oak Bay. It was cold, wet, and very snotty out - big swells and rough currents. As we approached Oak Bay we saw a zodiac coming back from Haro Strait where he'd said there was 10 foot chop :S. We turned around. Wow can't say i regret that though, good practice for rough weather voyages.

ps. 12 of Jpod sighted by Center for Whale Research this am, they are heading through Active Pass this afternoon - too far for us today.

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Maria said...

i'd also suggest you guys exploring flickr and maybe grabbing a free account - it's actually quite fun and some other whale enthusiasts are now excited about following along with the 5 star blog this seasons!