Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Five Star Crew & Vessels!

Kirsten enjoying a stunning sunset!

 Marine Naturalist & Photographer, Kaegan.
 Captain Bill & Naturalist Christa
 Christa & Rachel, otherwise known as the "Mac attack":)
 Captain Trev & Christa in costume for the "Boat for Hope" charity event.
 Andrew & Christa....... Arrggg Maties;)

 Andrew at the wheel:)
 Andrew & The Lancashire Lasses from Bolton:)
 Taira waiting for the Symphony Splash fun to begin:)
 The crew socializing on a lovely summers evening!

 Ron Bates, The Whale Guru;)
 Cpt Rachel? We hope so next season!

 Christa's famous "Deer in the Headlights" impression!

 Naturalist Laura enjoying a lovely evening trip!

Naturalist Kirsten & Ron

 Naturalist Nick!

Amy & Ron

Here are a few images of the wonderful 2011 Five Star Whale Watching Crew and our beautiful vessels, Fastcat & Supercat! This years crew was one of best ever and made the entire season so much fun:) We are like family and united by the passion for the wildlife we are fortunate to see every day!

Our vessels were designed by whale watchers for whale watchers and offer the perfect platform for whale watching in the waters of Victoria and San Juan Island! Plus our complimentary coffee and especially our hot chocolate are famous:)

This year we had 3 great Captains  Trev, Bill & Scotty.  Our incredible team of Marine Naturalists included Rachel, Kirsten, Christa, Kaegan, Nick,  Laura and Andrew. With guest appearances by Amy, Kyla & Jac:) You were all a joy to work with throughout the season and did an amazing job!

The office crew of  Taira, Christa, Nick & Laura were awesome:) Thanks also to Kirsten for helping  run the office this year and for the incredible job you did as Sales and Marketing Rep for Five Star Whale Watching! Thanks to your efforts we had one of the most successful seasons in a long time:)

And dare we forget the Whale Guru, Ron Bates, it was a pleasure working with you once again Ron and thanks for keeping us all grounded throughout the season.

The 5 Star crew would also like to thank Five Star's owners, Kathy & Eric Johnson, you are wonderful people to work for and make Five Star feel more like a family once again:)

As part of Five Stars Management team for the past 6 years I can honestly say I've never had as much fun as I've had this season and look forward to another wonderful season in 2012!

Thank you to all the Five Star Crew for making 2011 so unforgettable:)

Have a great winter and see you again in 2012!

Andrew Lees
Five Star Whale Watching

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