Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Whale reporter recognition program!

Another proud First for Five Star Whale Watching:

Dear Five Star Whale Watching,

The BCCSN is pleased to inform you that you have achieved Top Reporter Status as part of our Whale Reporter Recognition Program for 2019. Congratulations!

Cetacean sightings reported to the BCCSN are used to inform coastwide research projects and support direct conservation measures such as the establishment of marine protected areas. They also help to inform targeted species conservation and guide outreach and threat mitigation efforts. Finally, they inform the WhaleReport Alert System (WRAS), an app-based system that helps to create safer waters for local-area cetaceans. The WRAS alerts Captains and Pilots of large commercial vessels about whales in their vicinity to reduce the risk of vessel strike and disturbance.

In your category of Ecotourism, your team stood out for having been consistent and diligent in your commitment to reporting cetacean sightings to the BCCSN. We recognize that reporting sightings takes time and effort; achieving Top Reporter status is a testament to your commitment to cetacean conservation. The BCCSN and our local whales thank you!

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