Sunday, June 12, 2005

K Pod

leah adjust

Today 5 Star's morning trip headed north to Port Refrew area (Sooke) to see Lpod. Apparently they saw some great hunting action going on out there (I was not on the morning trip). During the afternoon trip, we headed over towards Lopez & San Juan Island as J's and K's were in the area. When we arrived, the animals were spread out into small groups. We had a wonderful eyefull as some of K pod swam past our bow. In that group we saw Leah (K14) and a calf (?) with Lobo (K26) - who rolled over on his left side and extended his pec befor splashing down and continuing on his way. Just further on he threw a few tail lobs and then he was gone. On the way home, we stopped in to look at a bald eagle who was perched on a log on Trial Island. So glad to be back out on the water. Has been about a week for me (due to cold).


Maria said...

i've also got a new camera (rebel xt) and am still adjusting to the machine.

Maria said...

hi there, anyone know who these guys are?