Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday afternoon amazing tour on Fastcat! Oct 3rd, 2009.



This Humpback is a 3 year old but still probably 40' long, yet look how flexible the body is, amazing!

Steller Sealions.


J1, J2 & L7

J1 "Ruffles" & J2 "Granny"

J26 "Mike"

L7 "Canuck"

J26 "Mike"

"Fastcat" approaching Trial Island.

Dall's Porpoise.

Our vessel "Supercat" full of excited passengers. Today we had both our boats out, probably for the final time this season.

Here are just a few images from this afternoon's amazing tour on our vessel Fastcat! We had a wonderful encounter with J & K-pod (over 40 Orcas), an exciting encounter with bow riding Dall's Porpoise and a stunning encounter with a Humpback Whale that was playing with Steller Sealions:)

The Orcas we encountered included J1 "Ruffles", born in 1951 (estimate) he is the oldest male in the SRKW's, and J2 "Granny", estimated to have been born in 1911 and the oldest Orca in the SRKW's! We also encountered L7 "Canuck" who has been hanging out with J1 for several weeks now, and J26 "Mike" a male named after Michael Biggs who was the first person to realize every Orcas dorsal fin and saddle patch are unique.

Our encounter with the Humpback Whale was with the one we have nicknamed "Split fin" or "Bart" and this individual has been providing some very dramatic acrobatic displays over the last month. Today we watched him play with Sealions and saw a number of Cartwheels, tail lobs and pectoral waves!

With great weather, awesome wildlife and super passengers, it was a very special day on the water:)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing tour which exceeded our expectations. Two middle aged ladies from Ontario had the experience of a lifetime. Thank you Andrew for coming from the UK to share your love of 'the animals" Your commentary was much appreciated. Lynn and Margaret