Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 17/18

April 17/18
Hi Susan
April 17 - a gray whale was picked up by by Mark Malleson on his first trip just after 1000. A assortment of boats had it until just after 1330 and left it at William Head. My 1400 found it coming up on Beacher Bay, we lost it, 1530.
Boats from 5Star, Prince of Whales, and Seafun found it near Beechey Head going West 1600. Last seen nearing Sooke.
This whale has been "hit" along the left side of the spine towards the peduncle. The wound seems to be more of a scrape with scar tissue.
April 18, checked out Freshwater Bay no results, carried on to Crescent Bay 2 Grays.
A dead El. seal on the way back to Race Rocks (your side).
Ron Bates
MMRG, Victoria BC

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