Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday April 10th Morning Trip

Blustering winds and and an out going tide made for a chilly yet adventerous trip out this morning.

Before even leaving the dock we watched a River Otter jump off a low dock and swim just below the surface over to and underneath the Supercat. A trail of little bubbles showed his progress across the marina and the little critter was visible at about 2 feet below the surface.

We started out first by a local search for "Pender" and adult male Transient Orca that passed through yesterday afternoon. As the female Harbour Seals near time to have their young, more Marine Mammal eating orca will be frequenting the area in search of a quick snack. At Oak Bay we spotted a large group of Harbour seals and then went out to Rum Runners Cove on the north end of Chatam Island where a large imature Bald Eagle flew low over the boat and landed on a very close by Arbutus tree. Spectactular! 30 minutes later we arrived at Race Rocks Marine Protected Area. Home to over one thousand seasonal visiting Sealions, "the race" is a group of islands about one mile offshore off the southern tip of Vancouver Island and features a stone lighthouse constructed in the 1860s.

Both the history and natural wonder of Race Rocks makes it a trip highlight. A mile further to the west we entered Whirl Bay to view an Eagles Nest at the top of an old bare Spruce tree. More eagles, seals, sealions and an elephant seal or two rounded out an exciting and fun trip.
Back out we go tomorrow for more adventure! I had a blast today!

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