Sunday, April 24, 2005

JPod & Dalls Porpoise

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Today was yet another incredible day out on the water. We stopped in to visit sea birds in Oak Bay (Chain Islands), as well as Chatham and Discovery Islands where we saw a River otter and a few eagles soaring above.
Then on to San Juan Island where we caught up with Jpod who was milling, resting and traveling. Saw our little friend again J40 (offspring of J14).
5 Star passengers look on as Jpod passes by. When we left them, they were traveling north towards Turn Point.dalls porpoise
We were lucky to see a couple of Dalls Porpoise and Rhinoceros Auklet (bird) on our way home.

Passing Trial Island on the way home.
One of my fave crew shots, to end the day.

April 23
Hi Susan
A large number of Transients going North in Haro St. this morning, T100's T124's and a few more.
My last report was they were about to enter Trincomali Ch. about 1700.
Just before 1800 T14 was found in Haro St. going N. on a line between 10 mile PT. (North of Oak Bay) and Henry Is.
JPod last reported off the Top end of Rosario (Cherry Pt. area) going slowly South, late afternoon.
Ron Bates
MMRG, Victoria BC

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