Saturday, May 21, 2005

Jpod & Transient


Today we encountered some big weather heading over to the San Juan Island side (Steward Island) to catch up with part of Jpod who was traveling north. At one point, we noticed some of the pod that had traveled ahead of the others, returned and grouped up with the others before taking off on their journey north. We got word that a large group of orca were spotted coming in from the west (Otter Point) and that part of Lpod was passing through Race passage around 4pm. This is really exciting news! Not sure of their location now however we are waiting to find out who is all there. On the way back, we discovered a lone Transient male traveling very close to the shoreline around the Cadboro Point area. We await confirmation on who that is (either T14 or T61).

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Maria said...

I just wanted to add this note: I've been sick with the flue over the past few weeks, that is why there has not been many blog posts.