Sunday, May 01, 2005

Kellet Bluff, Henry Island

Kellet Bluff, Henry Island
Originally uploaded by Jeff Lorton.
Yesterday, Jpod was hanging around Henry Island and I thought that some of you might be interested in seeing these aerial images. These photos and many, many more are available for viewing @

The Washington State Department of Ecology conducted the coastal aerial survey and I have found it a valuable site.

Yesterday the Js were making longish dives again and were at one point spread from Lime Kiln Pt. to
Kellet Bluff. Towards 1600 in the afternoon some of the whales started breaching and playing around with pectoral fin slaps and tail lobbing.

The Supercat was loaded down with 36 travellers from the UK. They were facinated by the whales and eagles. The British are always good sports when we tell them they used to own much of the
San Juans but lost them over a pig!

Learn more about that here @

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