Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Porpoises, Grey whale, Eagle

harbour porpoise
2 harbour porpoise

Today Jpod was not in range so we set out to see what we could find. While heading east we got word that there was "something" near Clover Point. We found another whale watching boat had discovered a dead Harbour Porpoise. A marine biologist arrived on scene to take care of the carcass. Within the area we saw a group of Harbour Porpoise milling about.

grey whale
grey whale footprint

Soon after, we came across a very shy Grey whale just off of Trial Island. This whale was traveling east steadily and we stayed with it for about 40 mins traveling past Oak Bay.

dalls porpoise
line kiln

Then we headed over to San Juan Island to see some Dalls Porpoise and toured the San Juan Island shorline viewing Lime Kiln park (where the orcas are often found foraging). On the way home we stopped in to visit Discovery and Chatham Islands were we saw a bald eagle perched up in a tree.

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