Friday, July 29, 2005

L71 (Hugo) & family / Victoria

Container ship / Juan de fuca
L71 Hugo & family / Victoria
L71 Hugo & family / Victoria
L71 Hugo & family / Victoria
L71 Hugo / Victoria
Stellars & Californians / Race rocks
Elephant Seal / Race rocks

We didn't have to travel far this morning to find some whales. We met up with some of Lpod - 6 individuals heading west from Haro Strait. They had just passed Trial Island and were traveling at a good clip. We assumed the others were already quite far ahead - but as to who not sure. We watched L71 Hugo pass by the waterfront off of Victoria. As they got closer to Esquimalt they grouped up into 3. I assume that L71 Hugo was traveling with his immediate family - perhaps mother and sister since there was two females with him. Did manage to see one animal who appeared to be sprouting but need confirmation on who it was. Before heading home we stopped in at Race Rocks where we saw several Pinnipeds; Stellars, Californias and Elephant seals, one who was hauled right up at the foot of the light house :). Ps I took the photo of the container ship on our way to see the whales, thought it was kinda cool.

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