Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Five Star Whale Watching first to encounter L Pod! June 2nd, 2009.

We have just heard from our vessel that they have encountered members of L Pod (the L12's) near Albert Head! This is the first confirmed sighting of members of L Pod in the waters off Victoria this season and once again Five Star was the first on scene:)

Despite what others would claim, this was the first time members of L Pod had been seen in the area this season (March to October). The last time L Pod had been seen in the local waters was in February 2009, but that is considered the off-season by most experts/companies.

For all of us that love these amazing Cetaceans, we can rejoice that they have returned to the Salish Sea and hope for many more encounters this season.

Earlier in the day we had Transient Orcas in the area for the third straight day:)

Apart from the last two pictures, all the images above were taken by Ron Bates, MMRG.

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