Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning encounter with L12's and L22's! June 17th, 2009.

We headed out this morning with both our Expedition Catamarans full of excited passengers hoping to see Orcas and they were not to be disappointed. Within 40 minutes of leaving Victoria Harbour we were nearing the West side of San Juan Island after receiving reports that the L12's and L22's had been sighted just off-shore.

The Orcas at first were widely spread as they searched for Salmon but as we watched a group came together a swam in formation northwards, it was a wonderful sight:) Our expert naturalists soon id several Orcas including L79, L22, L12, L25, L94, L77 and one of our old favourites, L41 "Mega" a male born in 1977.

Just as we were about to head home we had a fantastic pass by a group of Orcas just over 100 m from our boat, it was the perfect end to another Five Star adventure on the Salish Sea!

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