Monday, April 27, 2009

Hundreds of Porpoise & exciting wildlife tour! April 25th, 2009

Dalls Porpoise

Dalls Porpoise

Two Dalls Porpoise and possible Hybrid Porpoise

Cruise Ship & Coast Guard Ice Breaker
Kyla talks to guests about the Wilfred Laurer Coast Guard vessel. In 2007 this vessel navigated the North West Passage to re-assert Canadian Sovereignty in the North.
Brandts Cormorants
Harbor Seal at Chain Islets
Black Oyster Catchers at Chain Islets
Pigeon Guillemot
Harbor Porpoise, probably over 200 were in Haro Strait.

Large numbers of Harbor Porpoise were spotted feeding in the tide lines today in Haro Strait.

Bait Ball
Rhinoceros Auklets
Trial Island Lighthouse, first lit in 1910!
Harbor Seals at Race Rocks
Steller Sealions at Race Rocks
Sealions on the lower rocks below several Northern Elephant Seals at Race Rocks MPA.

The Lighthouse at Race Rocks is undergoing maintenance for the first time since it was first lit in 1860!
Sealions & Elephant Seals at Race Rocks

We headed out today during a beautiful spring day and were treated to a spectacular tour. Our first stop was Race Rocks Marine Protected Area where we were treate to the sight of several Steller and California Sealions as well as 5 Northern Elephant Seals.

Next we headed East towards the San Juan Islands of the USA. On our way through Haro Strait we spotted an enormous Bait Ball with various species of Gulls and Diving Birds such as Rhinoceros Auklets and Pigeon Guillemots. We also spotted a number of Harbor Seals in the water surrounding the Bait Ball and as we surveyed the area we started sighting many Harbor Porpoise feeding in tide lines. As we approached a tide line we were suddenly seeing these small Cetaceans popping up in every directions so we switched off the engines and enjoyed this wonderful phenomenon!

We then headed over to Lime Kiln Lighhouse on San Juan Island hoping to find some Dalss Poropise and we were not to be disappointed as at least 10 Dalls popped up near our boat. The Dalls were busy feeding and we saw several of these fast moving Porpoise all sround us!

As we headed back to Victoria we stopped at Chain Islets and saw Harbor Seals, Pigeon Guillemots, Harlequin Ducks, Black Oyster Catchers and several Cormornats including Brandt's Cormorants.

It really was a magical day to be on the water!

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