Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Resident Orcas off San Juan Island! May 31st, 2013

We had an incredible day with Resident Orcas (J-pod) off San Juan Island today! The Resident Orcas were first picked up south of Turn Point, Porpoising (high speed swimming) south alongside Stuart Island. In the afternoon the Orcas had reached False Bay and were spread out over a large area. We encountered a large and very active group of J-pod about a 1/4 mile offshore and the group included J28 "Polaris", her calf J46 "Star", J17 "Princess Angeline (J28's Mother), J35 "Tahlequah" (J28's sister), J47 "Notch" (J35's Son) and J44 "Moby" (son of J17). Not long after we arrived on scene this group began to play around and we witnessed a stunning display of acrobatics, including Cartwheels, Tailslaps, Spyhops and Pectoral Waves. It was a breathtaking encounter and the vocalizations were incredible!

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