Friday, April 24, 2015

April 16th - Transient Orcas

April 16th – Transient Orcas in Upright Channel

Transient Orcas near San Juan Island
Transient Orcas
Today we had a wonderful encounter with a large number of Transient Orcas in Upright Channel. The Orcas included the TO65A’s and the TO75B’s including a brand new baby Orca, TO75B2:) As we arrived on scene one of the Orcas did a head stand and waved its tail flukes high in the air! The Orcas then grouped together and moved through the channel towards San Juan Channel. We got some great views of the new baby, TO75B2 as they moved towards Friday Harbor in search of Harbor Seals.
Apart from the Orcas we also saw a large number of Sea Lions at Whale Rocks as well as a Bald Eagle. We also saw some Harbor Porpoise and Harbor Seals. It was a beautiful day on the water!
To see more images from this trip please click on the link below;
April 16th – Transient Orcas

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