Friday, April 10, 2015

April 6th - Transient Orcas in Rosario!

April 6th – Transient Orcas in Rosario!

Transient Orcas
Transient Orcas
Today we went the extra mile, or two, to encounter Transient Orcas in Rosario Strait! The  Orcas were the TO49A’s and TO123’s. As we watched them in the picturesque setting of Rosario Strait, the Orcas zigged & zagged as they hunted for Harbor Seals or Harbor Porpoise, their favorite prey. We also encountered several Sea Lions at Whale Rocks. Near Beaumont Shoals we also saw over a hundred Harbor Porpoise. We also saw Harbor Seals at the Chain Islets and Bald Eagles. It was another beautiful day!
To see more images from today’s tour click on the link below;
April 6th – Transient Orcas

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