Friday, April 24, 2015

April 9th - Transient Orcas

April 9th – Transient Orcas T049A’s, south of Victoria!

Bigg's Killer Whales
Transient Orcas
We headed out today with our vessel full of wonderful excited guests and what an amazing day it turned out to be with Transient Orcas south of Victoria! The Orcas were identified as the TO49A’s and we caught up with near Constance Bank. When we first arrived on scene the Orcas were moving swiftly to the south west and then one youngster began to play with an older brother, they seemed to be having lots of fun:)
As the Transient Orcas were moving west, we decided to take the opportunity to visit Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we saw a large number of Harbor Seals, Northern Elephant Seals and at least 3 Bald Eagles. We then headed a little further west and saw a large number of Dall’s Porpoise, that then started to bow ride our boat (they love the duel hulls of our Expedition Catamaran), which is always a thrill for our guests.
We then headed back East towards Race Rocks where we encountered the TO49A’s just south of the Ecological Reserve. Once again we witnessed the youngster playing with the older brother and got to see several breaches, tail slaps and Spyhops! The Orcas continued to travel west at about 8 knots so we left them and headed over to look at the Sea Lions at Race Rocks before heading home.
With calm seas, sunny skies and so much marine life to enjoy, this was one very memorable day! Please don’t forget to visit our Trip Advisor Page and leave some kind comments about this trip:)
You can see more images from today’s tour by clicking on the following link:
April 9 – Transient Orcas

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rhodagavins said...

These creatures are breath taking. I can't wait to head over to victoria for my first time this fall. Hopefully the viewings will be plentiful!!