Friday, April 10, 2015

April 3rd - First trip of the season with Jpod!

April 3rd – First trip of the season with Jpod!

We could have not asked for a better way to start the 2015 season than with Jpod thrilling our boat full of excited passenger! The first inkling we had that Jpod was in area was when our Captain Trev and Ron Bates (the Guru) heard  calls on Lime Kiln hydrophone. Jpod had been seen passing Nanaimo on Thursday evening and then were picked up by a boat north of Beaumont Shoals.
By the time we headed out the Orcas had moved further south and we encountered south of Seabird Point. We had all of Jpod including the new Babies:) It was a wonderful trip as the pod closed formation as they switched to sleeping mode. They were fighting a strong current so although they were pointing west they hardly moved the entire time we were out.
Apart from the wonderful encounter with Jpod we also saw Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and many Bald Eagles. What a wonderful way to start the 2015 Whale Watching season!
You can see more images from this amazing trip by clicking on the link below;
Resident Orcas April 3rd

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