Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Afternoon Superpod! Aug 22nd, 2013

This afternoon we received a report that many Resident Orcas had been sighted out west near Beechy Head traveling east towards Race Rocks! Not long after we arrived on scene we realized we had a Superpod, all 80 + Resident Orcas of J, K, & L-pod traveling together:) Watching over 80 Orcas travel together is an experience of a lifetime and one that thrilled all our passengers and still gets even our most veteran crew excited! As we watched the Resident Orcas we saw several breaches, tail slaps, pectoral slaps and tail lobs as they moved through the rip tides at Secretary Island and again at Race Passage. Apart from all the Resident Orcas, we also stopped at Race Rocks Ecological Park where we encountered Harbor Seals and hundreds of Steller & California Seal Lions! It was an incredible trip, probably one of the top 3 trips of the season:)

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Ásta María said...

The Orcas are so beautiful! It must be so nice seeing them on almost every tour with you guys!
We rarely have them here in Faxaflói bay, Iceland.