Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transient Orcas, TO20 & TO21 encountered today! Aug 9th, 2013

Today we had a wonderful encounter with two Transient Orcas, TO20 & TO21! We first encountered them near Trial Island, hunting in the kelp beds on the west and south end of the island. They then moved east towards Discovery Island.

In the afternoon the 2 Transient Orcas had moved NE and we encountered them a little north of 10 mile point and again they were hunting in the kelp beds near the shore line. TO21 was very close to shore, giving some visitors to the beach a real surprise! TO20 was a little offshore as they hunted for their favourite prey, Harbor Seals.

Apart from these wonderful Transient Orcas, we also encountered a large number of Harbor Seals, Porpoise, and at least 3 Bald Eagles. It was another fantastic day whale watching in the Salish Sea with Five Star Whale Watching:)

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