Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Resident Orcas off San Juan Island! Aug 10th, 2013

Here are a few images from today's encounters with Resident Orcas (members of L-pod)off San Juan Island! We first encountered L84 "Nyssa" a male born in 1990 and L88 "Wave Walker" a male born in 1993. The two big guys were foraging for Salmon near Eagle Point off the west side of San Juan Island.

The other Resident Orcas we encountered included L54 "Ino" (born in 1977, and her two sons L100 "Indigo" (born in 2001) and her younger son L108 "Coho" (born in 2006). These three were first encountered near False Bay.

The Resident Orcas moved up and down the island throughout the day between Hanna Heights and Cattle Point as they foraged for Salmon.

Apart from the Orcas we also encountered a large number of Harbor Seals, many with this years Pups:)

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