Sunday, October 02, 2011

Amazing afternoon Superpod encounter! Sept 30th, 2011

We headed out this afternoon with our vessel full of excited guests from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, England, Holland & Sweden and they were all in for an amazing trip!

Supercat headed towards False Bay where we got our first look at the Superpod that was spread a couple of miles offshore right to the shore line. Not long after we arrived on scene we spotted one of the young females breaching several times!

We also had a wonderful encounter with J2 "Granny" the 100 year old Matriarch of J-pod and several members of her pod. Whilst watching J2 we witnessed a number of tail lobs and tail slaps as a group of the Orcas socialized;)

What a wonderful day to be on the water and the perfect trip to end the month of September, one of the best month of the season once again!

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