Friday, October 28, 2011

Transient Orcas & 5 Humpback Whales off Victoria! Oct 24th, 2011

We were one of the few boats out on the water this afternoon but still managed to encounter at least 5 Humpback Whales and Transient Orcas (the T30's & T49c) all close to Victoria:)

Earlier we had received a report that a couple of Humback Whales had been sighted east of Race Rocks, which is where we were heading when the T30's and T49c were encountered! As we watched these Apex predators, we observed at least one kill, and probably a second one.

We then headed over to the Mother & Calf Humpback Whale that have been hanging out in the Salish Sea for a number of weeks now. As we followed the Humpback Whales we could see the blows from the Orcas and the mother started to Trumpet and slap her tail as a warning to the Orcas!

Apart from the Orcas and Humpback Whales we also visited Race Rocks to check out the Harbor Seals, Northern Elephant Seals and both Stellar & California Sealions.

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