Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transient Orcas & Humpback Whales off Victoria! Oct 18th, 2011

We headed out this afternoon with a a very international diverse and wonderful group of passengers that were eager to see the wonders of the Salish Sea, and we did not disappoint!

First of all we headed out west and encountered a Bald Eagle and several Harbor Seals at Haystock Island. Next we encountered Dall's Porpoise west of Race Rocks and were delighted when they began to play in our bow and stern wave:)

Our next stop was at Race Rocks where we encountered more Harbor Seals plus Northern Elephant Seals, California and Steller Sealions. We also saw a large number of marine birds and in particular Boneparte's Gulls.

We then headed back to the east where we encountered 4 Humpback Whales including "Split Fin". Whilst we were looking at the Humpbacks we suddenly saw more blows near the sun line and soon realized we had discovered a pod of Transient Orcas:)

What a wonderful day to be on the water, with so much wildlife right off Victoria waterfront!

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