Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Humpback Whales & Dall's Porpoise off Victoria waterfront on a perfect day! Oct 16th, 2011

This afternoon we headed out into the Salish Sea and encountered a total of 5 Humpback Whales off Victoria:)

We had a Mother & Calf that have been hanging out in the area for over two months now, plus Split Fin, a Humpback Whale that has been returning to the Salish Sea for at least the last 5 years!
Split fin was the most entertaining this afternoon and is always fun to watch. For a while a Sealion was playing around Split Fin, something we see from time to time.

Apart from the Humpback Whales we also saw a large number of Harbor Seals, Steller & California Sealions and even a couple of Bald Eagles! We also had a wonderful encounter with a groups of very playful Dall's Porpoise:)

Another great day on the Salish Sea!

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