Wednesday, October 05, 2011

L41 & L-pod encountered off San Juan Island! Oct 2nd, 2011

We headed out this afternoon towards Beaumont Shoals after receiving an earlier report that members of L-pod had been spotted East of Race Rocks heading towards San Juan Island.

When we arrived on scene the Orcas were south East of Beaumont and heading towards Hein Bank. I managed to i.d. a number of the Orcas including L41, L12, L25, L77, L94, L22, L79 & L89 & L113!

We also headed down to Hein Bank where we had a brief glimpse of a Minke Whale and also encountered some Dall's Porpoise.

After spending some more time with L-pod we headed back to wards Victoria and on our way had an exciting encounter with some more Dal''s Porpoise, that this time rode our bow wave! We also stopped at the Chain Islets where we saw a Bald Eagle and a large number of Harbor Seals:)

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