Sunday, June 05, 2011

Victoria 2011 "Boat for Hope"! June 4th, 2011

Pirates Andrew & Christa, arrgghhh maties:)

Here are a few images from the Victoria 2011 "Boat for Hope" event in Victoria Harbour. This was the third year in a row Five Star Whale Watching has taken part in this important event and the crew always has as much fun as the children:)

Boat for Hope

Variety’s Boat for Hope event is a fun-filled day on the water that provides unique experiences to children who have special needs. Local skippers volunteer their time and their boats for a pirate adventure on the high seas!

These events raise significant funds for Variety through the skippers plus corporate and community partners, while at the same time providing a one of a kind experience for children and their families. Since its inception, Boat for Hope has raised over $1.2 million.

Five Star Whale Watching is a proud supporter of Boat For Hope!

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