Monday, August 29, 2011

Evening Transient Orca encounter! Aug 27th, 2011

Tonight was our final evening cruise ship tour of the 2011 season and little did we know before we left the harbour that it would turn out to be one of the best trips of the season:)

Just before we were due to depart on our evening tour a call came through that a pod of Transient Orcas had been sighted near to Victoria heading towards Race Rocks, woohoo!! We had only been out of the harbour for less than 10 minutes when we spotted the Orcas, a rare and wonderful treat:) The Orcas were moving swiftly towards William Head as we followed them, probably aiming for Race Rocks, MPA, where many of their prey can be found.

After following the Orcas for a while we decided we would head over to Race Rocks before the fog bank surrounding it got too thick. At Race Rocks we could see a large amount of Harbor Seals and both Stellar & California Sealions! We witnessed an amazing sunset through the fog whilst at Race Rocks, it was very magical!

We then returned to the Orcas and followed them again until they started to head into the fog banks and big seas near Race Rocks.

Orcas, Harbor Seals, Stellar & California Sealions and a stunning sunset, what more could we ask for during our final evening tour of the season:)

You can see even more pictures from this magical evening at our Facebook page;

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