Monday, August 29, 2011

Morning encounter with L41 & L-pod off False Bay! Aug 27th, 2011

L79 "Skana", showing new rake marks (love bites)!

We headed out this morning towards False Bay and encountered several members of L-pod including L12 "Alexis, L41 "Mega", L22 "Spirit" and L79 "Skana"!

L79 "Skana" had two new rake marks on the leading edge of his dorsal fin. This is not unusual to see and these rake marks are created when one of the Orcas scraps its teeth on another Orca. Sometimes these are during courtship, other times it is a sign of dominance by another male or one of the females putting a young male in his place;)

On our way home we stopped off at the Chain Islets to show our guests the Harbor Seals and various Marine Birds.

You can see more pictures from this morning at our Facebook page, just click on the link below;

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