Monday, August 22, 2011

Stunning Evening Superpod Encounter! Aug 20th, 2011

Tonight we probably had the best evening trip of the summer with a stunning Superpod encounter!

The conditions this evening were perfect with calm seas and warm weather throughout our trip, one of the few times we've had such conditions this year. In fact I wore just my t-shirt and vest for the entire trip:)

We headed over to Hein Bank this evening and our first encounter was with a Minke Whale a few miles west of the Hein Bank marker, we had actually smelt the Minke a few minutes before spotting it;)

As we approached Hein Bank itself we could see over 80 Orcas from J, K & L-pod spread out over a wide area forming a Superpod! We observed some foraging, porpoising (high speed swimming), several tail slaps, a couple of Spy Hops, Pectoral Waves and even some stunning breaches!

The evening sky and stunning sunset on our way home was a beautiful finale to what was definitely one of the most perfect trips of the season:) Great Whales, great weather and great people, what more could you ask for!

I have posted even more pictures from this unforgettable evening at our Facebook page;

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