Sunday, August 21, 2011

Superpod in the fog! Aug 19th, 2011

There was thick fog in many parts of the Salish Sea today but it did not prevent us from finding all 80+ members of the Southern Resident Orcas (J, K & L-pod) near Turn Point this morning:)

The Orcas were slowly moving north when we arrived on scene and were widely spread between Turn Point and Moresby Island. We managed to i.d. several Orcas including L41 "Mega", L22 "Spirit", K40 "Raggedy", K21 "Cappuccino", J2 "Granny", J27 "Blackberry" and J 30 "Riptide".

Apart from the Orcas we also saw a Bald Eagle and several Harbour Seals.

On our way home we passed by the stunning and popular boaters hang out at Sidney Spit!

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