Sunday, July 08, 2012

Resident Orcas (L-pod) and playful Humpback Whales in the morning! June 27th, 2012

Breaching HumpbackWhale

Pectoral Slap

Cart Wheel

L22 "Spirit"

Canadian Coast Guard Patrol Plane

Us & Canadian Coast Guard vessels simulating an oil skinning operation!

We headed out west this morning on Fastcat after receiving reports that Resident Orcas (L-pod) had bee sighted west of Sooke heading west.

As we were heading out towards L-pod we also heard that two Humpback Whales Had been found not far from L-pod, it was going to be an awesome morning.

When we arrived on scene we could see that the Resident Orcas of L-pod were spread out across the straight rapidly moving west. We could identify 3 of the Orcas as L22 "Spirit", L79 "Skana" and L89 "Solstice".

After watching the Orcas for a while we moved towards the Humpback Whales and just as we arrived on scene on of them started to Breach, Cartwheel and slap its enormous pectoral fin! It was an amazing sight as this large Baleen Whale launched its huge mass out of the water:) This incredible behavior continued for the next 20 mins and then the Humpback Whales slowed down and began to slowly move East.

We had a second look at the Orcas before having a final look at the Humpback Whales, which had been joined by another animal to make a total of three;)

On our way home we stopped off at Race Rocks to show our excited passengers some of the wonderful Marine Life that can be found at this Ecological Reserve.

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