Friday, July 06, 2012

Resident Orcas (J-pod) off San Juan Islands! June 22nd, 2012

Today we had a wonderful encounter with Resident Orcas, (J-pod) off San Juan Island.

The Orcas were in a very playful mood and we witnessed Tail Slapping, Pectoral Slaps, several Spy hops, a couple of back flips and even breaching:) This playful group included the Cookie Crew, J22, J34 & J38, as well as J28 "Polaris" with her calf J46 "Star", born in 2009.

We also had a nice encounter with J27 "Blackberry", a male born in 1991 and just coming into his prime:)

The bad weather did not seem to dampen the spirits of either the Orcas or our thrilled passengers!

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