Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 10th - Breathtaking Humpback Encounter!

Oct 10th – Breathtaking Humpback Encounter!

Humpback whales off victoria
Breathtaking Humpback encounter
Today we had a breathtaking Humpback encounter a few miles east of Race Rocks! We had spotted the Humpback from a few miles away despite heavy rain and headed over. After a few surfacing the Humpback went on a deep dive. Suddenly the Humpback breached out of no where, much to the shock and delight of those of us lucky enough to be on board :) The Humpback then continued to play and we witnessed some breathtaking behaviour (see the video from this day to get more of an idea)!!
We also visited Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we saw Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals. It might have been a bit of a damp day but it did not dampen our spirits and we were rewarded with a breathtaking Humpback encounter :)
If you would like to see more images and video from today please click on the links below;

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