Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 27th - Final trip of the 2015 Season!

Oct 27th – Final trip of the 2015 Season!

Humpback Whales off Victoria
Final trip of the 2015 season with Humpbacks
Orcas off Victoria
Final trip of the 2015 season with Orcas
Today was our final trip of the 2015 season and what an incredible trip it was. We had Resident Orcas south of Constance Bank, a Minke Whale and multiple Humpbacks, including “Split Fin”! When we first left the Harbour this afternoon we had heard that one boat had found a Humpback Whale near Race Rocks but we wanted to do a search of the area for Orcas and that search paid off :) Just near Constance Bank we found a large group  of Resident Orcas including K35 “Sonata” and L87 “Onyx” among many others.  While we watching the Orcas a Minke Whale popped up in the middle of them but heading west in the opposite direction of the Resident Orcas.
After watching the Orcas for a while longer we started to make our way west towards Race Rocks and started to encounter multiple Humpback Whales :)  We then went to Race Rocks to check out the noisy & smelly Sea Lions plus Elephant & Harbor Seals one last time.
On our way home we encountered two more Humpbacks including our old favourite “Split Fin”. How fitting that our final glimpse of a Whale for the 2015 season would be such a popular Whale for the crew and we think our passengers were all happy as well!
We could not have asked for a better trip to finish the incredible 2015 Whale Watching season :) Thank you to all our guests for choosing Five Star Whale Watching and for making this one of the best seasons ever!

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