Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 7th - Orcas in the fog!

Oct 7th – Orcas in the fog!

Orcas near victoria
Superpod of Orcas in fog
This afternoon we found Orcas in the fog near Race Rocks and soon realized we had a Superpod of Orcas coming in from the pacific ocean :)  The only report of whales we had received before we left the dock was of a single Humpback somewhere near Constance Bank. That had been the only whale found by the boats who had gone out in the morning, no one had seen the Resident Orcas until we found them! As soon as we found the Orcas we watched numerous breaches both near and far away as the Orcas seemed to be happy to be back in the Salish Sea. Other actions observed included spy hops, tail lobs, pectoral slaps & waves, and a large number of tail slaps! So many Orcas 60 plus, all to ourselves for at least 30 minutes until the next boat arrived on scene :)
We also stopped off at Race Rocks where we encounter lots of rambunctious Sea Lions, bot Steller & California. We had one group of Stellers come right by our boat and circled under & around us for about 10 minutes (I have posted some video of this action as well)!
The conditins may not have been ideal today but it did not stop us from having one of the best encounters of the season.
If you would like to see more images from this tour click on the link below;

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