Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 17th - Humpbacks Galore!

Oct 17th – Humpbacks Galore!

Humpbacks off Victoria
Humpbacks Galore!
Victoria Whale Watching
Humpbacks Galore!
Today we had another wonderful encounter with multiple Humpbacks between Constance Bank and Race Rocks. One of the Humpbacks BCZ0131, has a very strange tail fluke and has been given the nickname “Gnarly”. We encountered “Gnarly” for the first time yesterday and this Humpback was being playful once again :) We got to see pectoral waves and tail fluke waves several times as well as its full tail fluke as it went on deep dives.
We also encountered a Mother and Calf, though only briefly so we did not a good identification of them. The Salish Sea seems to becoming more popular for Humpbacks to bring their calves to feed during the summer & fall months.
At Race Rocks we encountered Harbor Seals, Northern Elephant Seals, California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions. We also encountered a large group of Dall’s Porpoise south of Race Rocks that included a number of Mothers with Babies :)
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