Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 24th - Resident Orcas

Oct 24th – Resident Orcas including J53!

Victoria Whale Watching
Resident Orcas including J53
J53 New baby Orca
Resident Orcas including J53
Today we had an amazing encounter with Resident Orcas including J53, the new baby Orca :) J53 is the sixth new baby Orca born since the end of Dec 2014. This baby boom is so exciting for all of us that care about the future of the SRKW’s. J53’s mother is believe to be J17 “Princess Angeline” who was born in 1977. We hope that all these new babies make it past their first birthday, that is critical to their chances of survival. Apart from J53, we encountered members of all 3 pods stretching across Haro Strait from the west side of San Juan Island to near Discovery Island forming a Superpod :) We got to see several breaches, tail slaps, pectoral waves and spy hops as it seemed the Orcas were also happy to see the new baby!
In order to protect the SRKW’s it is essential that we protect their main food, Chinook Salmon. Please check out the Center for Whale Research website at the following link ; Center for Whale Research  and find out how you can help with Salmon restoration and also by becoming a member. You can also adopt a SRKW by either visiting the Whale Museum or Vancouver Aquarium. We also encourage all our guests to follow the David Suzuki Foundations mantra of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in every day life!
It was an incredible day on the water with wonderful wildlife and awesome guests!
For more images from this epic day please click on the link below;

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