Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 9th - Resident Orcas near Hein Bank!

Oct 9th – Resident Orcas near Hein Bank!

Resident Orcas near Hein Bank
Today we encountered Resident Orcas near Hein Bank! The Orcas were widely spread and we could see whales in every direction. They seemed to mostly be foraging (hunting) for Salmon, in particular Chinook Salmon, their favorite food. Orcas are estimated to need 10% of their body weight every day just to maintain their health, which is a lot of sushi :)  We got to identify a number of Orcas from Lpod & Kpod, including K21 “Cappuccino”!
On our way to the Orcas we had spotted two Minke Whales, a juvenile and a full grown Minke, who were feeding in the tide line south of Discovery Island. We got to see some lunge feeding from the juvenile, always fun to watch. We also got to see a couple of Sea Lions and Porpoise during our tour.
On our way home we stopped off at the Chain Islets to let our guests see the countless number of Harbor Seals that hang out at this haul out area.
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