Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oct 13th - Resident Orcas & A Humpback!

Oct 13th – Resident Orcas & a Humpback!

Killer Whales
Resident Orcas
Humpback Whale
Here are a few images of our encounter with Resident Orcas and a Humpback! We encountered the Resident Orcas, including J28 “Polaris” and J34 “DoubleStuf” off the west side of San Juan Island doing a lot of foraging. Orcas need to consume about 10% of their body weight each day in order to maintain their health. Resident Orcas use their biological Sonar, called Echolocation to hunt for their favourite food, Chinook Salmon. J28 “Polaris” was also foraging with her young daughter J46 “Star”, who was born in 2009 and seems to be growing up fast!
The Humpback we encountered was near Constance Bank and we got to see several impressive deep dives and its tail fluke :) It was a gorgeous day on the water, with calm seas and blue skies throughout the trip!Resident
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