Monday, June 15, 2015

April 29th - TO49C near Race Rocks!

April 29th – TO49C near Race Rocks!

Transient Orca near Victoria
Today we encountered TO49C near Race Rocks. This lone male Transient Orca was first encountered near Becher Bay and quickly traveled to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  We watched from outside the park, along with two other boats, as TO49C traveled along the main channel, much to the displeasure of the Harbor Seals hanging out there! This Male Orca is already pretty big and was only born in 1998 so he is still not full grown! Apart from the Harbor Seals and TO49C, we also got to see Sea Lions and Elephants Seals today:)

It is always a treat when Orcas are close to Victoria and we can visit Race Rocks as well!
You can see more images from today’s tours by clicking on the following link;
April 29 – TO49C

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