Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 6th AM - Morning with Transient Orcas!

June 6th AM – Morning with Transient Orcas!

Transient Orcas
Transient Orcas
This morning we had a lovely encounter with two male Transients, near Moresby Island! The two Orcas were identified as TO49C (born in 1998) and TO124C (born in 1992). These two young male Transient Orcas have been hanging around the Salish Sea for a few days now. However, the first time we encountered TO49C a few weeks ago he was traveling on his own, which is not unusual for Transients, especially Males. Apart from the Orcas we got to see Seals & Porpoise during our trip and experienced some wonderful scenery!
You can see more images from this encounter by clicking on the link below;
June 6th AM – Morning with Transients

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