Monday, June 15, 2015

April 30th - Jpod & the babies off Victoria!

April 30th – Jpod & the Babies off Victoria!

Jpod off Victoria
Jpod & the Babies
Jpod & the Babies

Today we had an amazing encounter with all of Jpod & the Babies right off Victoria :) We had not had any reports until we were just leaving the dock on our afternoon tour when a call came through that Jpod had been spotted at Becher Bay heading east! When we got on scene Jpod had already traveled East past Race Rocks and we caught up with them near William Head. It was amazing to watch all of Jpod in resting formation slowly travel east past Victoria waterfront and surface in perfect harmony, now that is what we call synchronized swimming:) Our guests were especially thrilled to see the 3 new Jpod Babies, J50, J51 & J52 and all three looked happy & healthy! We got to see one of the Babies, probably J50, being very playful.

Apart from Jpod & the Babies we also got to see Harbor Seals, Northern Elephant Seals, California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions at Race Rocks.
What an amazing experience!
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April 30th – Jpod off Victoria
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