Monday, June 15, 2015

May 28 - Morning with Jpod & Transient Orcas!

May 28th – Morning with Jpod & Transient Orcas!

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What an incredible morning trip where we encountered Jpod near BattleShip Island heading south, plus two Transient Orcas (TO77A & T124C) off Ogden Point :) Jpod was spread out and doing lots of porpoising (high speed swimming) and foraging (hunting for Salmon). We had some nice views of several members including J27 “Blackberry”, J26 “Mike”, J28 “Polaris”, J46 “Star” and L87 “Onyx” who performed several spectacular breaches :) We then got word that two Transient Orcas had been spotted near Victoria Harbour and when we arrived on scene they were right by Ogden Point breakwater! We soon identified the two male Transients as TO77A and TO124C, the same two Orcas we encountered by Saltspring Island the day before. Once again this shows the great distances Orcas can travel in less than 24 hours! Resident Orcas & Transient Orcas during the same trip, what a way to start the day :)

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