Monday, June 15, 2015

May 28th - Afternoon with Jpod near Discovery!

May 28th – Afternoon with Jpod near Discovery!

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This afternoon we had an incredible encounter with Jpod near Discovery Island! The Orcas had moved steadily west since we had left them off the west side of San Juan Island in the morning. As we watched Jpod move towards Discovery Island the pod was split into various Matralines and were in a very playful mood. We got to see several breaches, cartwheels, lots of tail slaps and the most Spy hops many of us had ever seen :) The Orcas were also playing in the kelp beds at the southern end of Discovery and we saw a lot of them with kelp wrapped around their bodies. We also got to see the three new Jpod babies, which is always a thrill!
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