Monday, June 15, 2015

May 29th - Humpback Whale & a Sea Otter!

May 29th – Humpback Whale & a Sea Otter!

Humpback Whale
Sea Otter
Today we had a wonderful encounter with a Humpback Whale “Big Mama” and a Sea Otter! Our adventure began in the morning with “Big Mama” near Blunden Island in Boundary Passage. She did numerous tail flukes whilst we were on scene, much to the delight of our excited passengers who were thrilled to see this famous large Humpback Whale :) We also got to spend some time at Race Rocks where we encountered a very relaxed Sea Otter!
To see more images from today’s encounters click on the link below;
May 29th – Humpback Whale & Sea Otter

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