Monday, June 15, 2015

May 2 - Incredible morning trip with Transient Orcas & a Minke Whale!

May 2 – Incredible morning trip with Transient Orcas & a Minke!

Transient Orcas
Transient Orcas
This morning we encountered a Minke Whale in Haro Strait and then had an incredible encounter with Transient Orcas at Hein Bank! We headed out in the morning without any word of whale sightings but were confident we would find something for our guests and we sure did:) First we encountered at least one, possibly two Minke Whales in Haro Strait north of Chatham Island. Although the Minke’s were great we wanted to find some Orcas so continued on searching. We stopped off at Whale Rocks to show our guest the Harbor Seals and the large amount of Steller Sea Lions that haul out on the rocks and then headed towards Hein Bank. Most of the guests had given up hope of finding Orcas but not the crew and then suddenly we spotted some splashing in the water and sure enough we had found the T065A’s & T065B’s! What we then witnessed was nothing short of amazing as the Orcas began circling and deep diving, possibly after an Elephant Seal. We even got to witness some breaches, rare for Transient Orcas!

You can see more images from this encounter at the following link;
May 2 – Morning Transient Orca & Minke Whale encounter

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