Monday, June 15, 2015

June 1st - Jpod & Transient Orcas!

June 1st – Jpod & Transient Orcas!

Transient Orcas off Victoria
Transient Orcas off Victoria
What a cracking way to start off Orca awareness month, with both Jpod & Transient Orcas, the TO60’s, south of Trial Island! June is Orca Awareness month in Washington State and we could have not asked for a great example to our guests of what it means to be aware and to protect the Orcas of the Salish Sea :) We started out with a wonderful encounter with Jpod north of Lime Kiln and got to see most of Jpod including the new babies plus old friends like J2 “Granny”, J34 “Doublestuf” and J28 “Polaris”.

Then as we were heading for home we heard that a pod of Transient Orcas had been reported south of Trial Island. No boat was on scene when we arrived south of Trial but our Eagle Eyed Captain Trev, soon spotted them a little to the south west :) We soon identified these Orcas as the TO60’s, a group that had been seen a few days earlier. What a nice bonus for our guests as these Transient Orcas moved swiftly west, closer and closer to Victoria. It was as if they were escorting us to our home port!
To see more images from this wonderful day please click on the link below;
June 1st – Jpod & Transient Orcas

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